Roast Chicken

Easy Bird is all about roast chicken. A chicken roast is the most common roast in a domestic kitchen. But our roasts are certainly not common. We’re taking a roast chicken to the next level and further beyond.

Every part of our process in delivering the best chicken you have eaten has been meticulously thought out. We start by marinating our birds in a blend of spices for 24 hours which allows for a maximum flavour imprint. We then roast our chickens the old French method, in a rotisserie. The constant movement of the rotisserie allows for the juices to freely flow through the bird while cooking. The beauty about a chicken roast compared to many other roasts is the covering of a thin skin around the meat. This skin acts as a barrier to prevent most of the juices from escaping which ensures a juicy, moist chicken.

We’ve paired these amazing roasts with freshly made quality side dishes too. Our sides include¬†freshly made salads with the option of including different add-ons to boost your salad. Freshly baked ‘Sweet cheeks’ bread loaves, a South African favourite. Baby roast potatoes that are cooked below the roast chickens as small amounts of chicken juices coat them while cooking. Our Asian inspired twice-cooked long rice with red/yellow pepper and spring onion.

And the goodness doesn’t end there. Easy Bird also has a collection of sauces and gravies to pair with your roast chicken and sides. Try our chilli hot gravy to ramp up the heat, or maybe be original and stick with our grandmother’s famous gravy for dunking bread and chicken. We also make our own mayonnaise (includes raw egg) which is the perfect partner to roast potatoes as well as roast chicken sarmies with any leftover chicken from the night before.

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