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Wholesome Rotisserie Chickens. Delivered.

Easy Bird is an exciting new online restaurant. We offer wholesome farm-to-table meals at an affordable price for friends & family to enjoy together.

I grew up with a very strong food influence. Some of my earliest memories were of my mom calling my brother and I inside from playing cricket together, to come help prepare dinner. This is where it all started – my love for family style meals.

My passion for food only grew stronger whilst running a cooking school for the past decade. One thing that has always stuck with me is my amazement at how many people either didn’t know how to cook or just didn’t have the time! With our hectic lifestyles, our want for a takeaway meal has become a necessity, however, the option of a healthier, wholesome meal is few and far between.

And so, the idea of Easy Bird was born.

The boom of online shopping and door-to-door delivery has made everything that much more accessible and of course, super convenient at just a click of the mouse. The current fast-food industry is a dinosaur, producing cardboard disguised as food. Easy Bird is here to change that, offering more value-for-money, wholesome dinner options without sacrificing on convenience or satisfaction.

I have always felt like a superhero after cooking roast chicken for family & friends! The enjoyment of a shared feast of juicy chicken; freshly baked bread rolls (our ‘sweet cheeks’ are a must try!); a bright fresh salad and delicious gravy always goes down a real treat!

Many people do not have the time anymore and miss out on the comfort and pleasure. Yes, it does take time, but good things usually do.

Let that be our concern – just let us know what time to deliver.

Geoffrey Crewe-Brown

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