Creamy Chicken Casserole

A creamy sauce of braised leeks, roasted butternut & shredded chicken served with rice.


This chicken dish includes strips of our rotisserie chicken as well as roasted butternut, mushrooms, leeks and a hint of smoked paprika rounded off with a dash of cream. This dish is served with our fried rice. The weight of this dish is approximately 350g. The fried rice contains sesame seeds. Heating instructions: How to defrost - Take meal out from the freezer and allow to thaw in the fridge for ±12 hours (Take out in the morning to eat for dinner) or allow to thaw out the fridge for ±5 hours (Take out in the morning to eat for lunch). Using Aluminium in a Microwave: Use aluminium foil containers in the microwave oven with confidence. We recommend using 900W for 3 minutes, then stir food so that food at the bottom of the container is replaced by the food on the top. Then a further ± 2-3 minutes at 900w until warmed through.

  • Use only shallow foil containers, no more than 3cm deep. Microwave energy might not penetrate deeper than this. Therefore one would need to stir the contents halfway.
  • Remove the lid. Where appropriate, cover with a plate or microwave clingfilm. Do NOT cover with aluminium foil or a foil-lined lid. Food completely encased in aluminium foil will receive NO microwave energy.
  • Make sure the foil container does not touch any other metal (such as the sides, door or floor of the oven cavity, or any metal accessories), to avoid arcing and possible damage to your oven.
  • Always use containers one at a time, and place on an ovenable glass plate.
  • Increase cooking time by 10%, to allow for the fact that energy is only being absorbed from one surface.
  • Do not use bent or damaged foil containers, or re-use the containers in the microwave. Wash them and return for recycling.
  • All other standard microwave practice applies: Stir food dishes as appropriate, leave to stand after re-heating, and ensure food is piping hot before serving.

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We will definitely be ordering Easy bird on a regular basis! Such great value for money, and really was an excellent meal – if you can believe it; far more satisfying than ordering pizza! We ordered the honey chick which was delish! The sweet cheeks are more-ish, especially dunked into the gravy. Do yourself a favour and order a whole bird, you’ll want the left overs!

Gravatar Tam, Private

Last nights honey chick was amaaaaaazing. Will def be ordering again soon.

Gravatar Cilla
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